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President's Activities in AlKoura Lebanon - April/May 2008


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In April/May 2008,  the president of AKL, Hani Al-Dayaa, visited Lebanon and did the following activities for AKL in AlKoura:

  • Handed a donation to the Red Cross in AlKoura Center and met wit the volunteers there.

  • Met with representatives from the Koura Development Council (KDC) and discussed possible future cooperation and potential projects in AlKoura.

  • Met with representatives from Union of AlKoura Mayors (إتحاد مخاتير الكورة) and listened to some of their ideas on how we can help AlKoura and its people.

  • Presented the AlKoura League to all interested people there (mainly explained the switch from Anfeh.com to AlKoura League to the people of Anfeh who asked), and exchanged ideas regarding the kind of projects AlKoura and its people need.


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