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Stage Project Introduction & Blessing Ceremony - April 13, 2008


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Dear Board members,

We will not have our Board Meeting this Wednesday (second Wednesday of the month) because we will be meeting on Sunday April 13 after Liturgy (during Coffee Hour) at St. George Orthodox Church for the Stage Opening Ceremony. This meeting will be considered a Board Meeting as well as the Spring Council Meeting (since the bylaws require 4 Council Meetings a year).

The program is as follow:
- The stage will be set up.
- I will say few words.
- Fr. Timothy will say few words and give blessing.
- We cut the cake that Douglas made for the occasion.

Please join me in thanking our great chair Fadi Fares for the great effort working with Dean to get the material and build the stage. Thank you, Fadi. Another special thank-you goes to Douglas for making the specifications simple and clear.

Please plan to attend and spread the word. I will send out an email to the Members and Friends soon.



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