Search Fifth Annual Party held its 5th annual party on the 27th of May, 2006, at the St. George Orthodox Church hall in Boston. The proceeds went toward the 21st Century Endowment Fund (21stCEF) of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church of Boston. Click Here to learn more about this fund.

The party was a big success, and the net proceeds were $10,059.80 all donated to St. George Orthodox Church to be deposited in the 21st Century Endowment Fund. The atmosphere was excellent, and all people were enjoying their time and happy. It was a good occasion for many Anfeh people to meet too. The food prepared/donated by people from Anfeh and friends of Anfeh was delicious, the raffle gifts were many and valuable, and singer George Maalouf kept all dancing and doing Dabkeh until after 1:00AM.

This year's party was made more special with the performance of Al-Hayat Dabkeh Group, led by Jana Al-Dayaa. Al-Hayat Dabkeh Group is part of St. George Orthodox Church  and donates the proceeds of its performances back to church. This time, the group offered its performance proceeds toward the 21st Century Endowment Fund, and they were considered part of the party overall proceeds. is very grateful for their gesture and thank them for their great performance and contribution to the success of the party.

On June 4th 2006, The Sunday Bulletin of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Boston carried an article summarizing the outcome of 5th Annual Party: "A Resounding Success - $10,059.80". Click Here to read the article.

This year's program was directed by Elsie Al-Dayaa who did a great job. Click Here to read Elsie's speech, which includes the list of people who helped organize the event and the list of university graduates being recognized.

This year, recognized its co-founder Mr. Ziad Greige and Mr. George Jreige for their contributions to Anfeh and its people. Please refer to Elsie's speech to learn more about the recognition.

After being introduced by Elsie, Fr. Timothy delivered a speech summarizing the goal and status of the 21st Century Endowment Fund and emphasizing the importance of the 21st Century Endowment Fund for the future of the church....

Finally, Hani Al-Dayaa, the founder of, gave a speech in which he recognized the attendants and thanked the people who helped organize the event, emphasizing the importance of unity in order to achieve strength. Click Here to read Hani's speech. thanks all people who contributed to the success of this event!

Below is the party photo album. Move the mouse over a picture to read a description about it. Click on a picture to view a larger version of it.

Note: Most pictures on this page are taken by Subdeacon Chadi Saad and Mr. Rassem El-Massih.

Left to right: Hani Al-Dayaa, Michel Sassine, George Jreige, and Fadi Fares Mr. & Mrs. Issam Al-Dayaa
Celina, the daughter of Ziad and Rania Greige Mr. & Mrs. Michel Sassine with their son Jabar and daughter Oula Hani and Narissa
Shahid, Hani, and Narissa Narissa, the daughter of Hani and Jana Al-Dayaa
Hani and Elsie Handing the reward to George Jreige Hani, giving his speech...
Hani and Elsie
Dr. Fadi Metri volunteered to help at the bar
Subdeacon Chadi Saad with Mrs. Debby Lahham the president of the parish council Rassem El-Massih with Mr. Craig Lahham Fr. Jean with Khouriyyeh May and their daughter Ziad Greige and Jouliet Labaki helped at the door
Subdeacon Douglas Howdy is in charge of the kitchen and more... Delicious!
Hani and Ziad Badia Ishaq
Nicole Ishaq and Badia Ishaq Left to right: Nicole, Badia, and Jana Ziad, receiving a certificate of recognition Mailing List




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