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The logo was designed and drawn by Ziad Matta El-Khoury, an Int. Architect and Designer from Anfeh. It was adopted as logo on February 02, 2002. Below is a description of the logo, written by Ziad Matta El-Khoury  (the designer of the logo) and arranged by Hani Al-Dayaa (the founder of


Logo Description

The big sea wave represents the '@' character which is the symbol of the Internet. There are small waves in the middle, and each one represents a civilization that passed by Anfeh. Every civilization (wave) passes inside the old jug in red (jarrat al-fikhar) which means history is recorded in the ruins in Anfeh where many jars can be found. The big wave is not trimmed and represent that Anfeh will stay for ever.

The white color between the small waves represents a fish, that is an important symbol in Anfeh due to the importance of the fishing market in Anfeh.

By looking at the old jug in red, you can see that the water gets inside it. It is an archeological symbol. The red color, in the middle, representing the main part of the old jug, also represents the sail (shira3) of a Phoenician ship, which is in orange.

The yellow color above the highest small wave is the sun. Anfeh gets more than 9 months of sunny days every year, which makes it a very nice place to spend the Summer, actually the whole year, in.

The while color in the middle of the image, just above the ship, represents the Citadel of Anfeh and its rock-cut trench (al-khandaq) next to it.

The vertical black line and dots on the left side of the image represents a wind mill (doulab al-hawa), which is another important symbol in Anfeh.

The black color at the bottom left side of the image shows a cross, which represents that fact that Anfeh is the home of many important churches, especially Our Lady of The Wind Church. Mailing List

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