Ibrahim Khalil Damaa's Page on Anfeh.com



Name: Ibrahim Khalil Damaa

Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Email: ikdamaa@hotmail.com  

Location of Birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date of Birth: 1965



My father is Khalil Damaa (Ibeh), and he was born  in Anfeh in 1939. He left Anfeh in 1949 to live in Brazil.  

My uncles are Wafa Gabriel Damaa, Safa Damaa and Michel Khoury Damaa (currently lives in Anfeh). 

My aunts are Eugenie Damaa Salomao, Najla Damaa Haddad, Hanna Damaa Farah, and Houda Damaa Sarkis (passed away in 1997).

My grandfather is Adib Damaa, and his grandmother is Fadua Makari.

The Khalils' grandfather from the mother (Fadua) side is Gibran Makari and from the father (Adib) side is Khoury Ibrahim Damaa.

Some of my father's cousins are Farid Makari, Makarem Makari, and Samya Makari.



Ibrahim with his father and mother.

Ibrahim and his bride Karin during their wedding in March 2001.            Ibrahim and Karin with family.