Our Lady of Al-Natour Monastery

Our Lady of Al-Natour Monastery.

The Cape of Al-Natour (Raas Al-Natour) lies opposite to Anfeh Peninsula [The Citadel of Anfeh]. Its seabed consists of underwaterOLD PICTURE: The Cape of Al-Natour. meadows of great biological wealth, making its shore a much sought-after area for fishermen because of the great variety of fish found there.

Our Lady of Al-Natour monastery, standing on the Cape of Al-Natour, was built by the Crusaders on Byzantine ruins. The monastery is surrounded by large fields of the myrtle (Myrtus Ugni), a nearly extinct plant on the Lebanese coast.

In addition to the beautiful church, the monastery consists of a charitable school for handicapped kids.

In the last few years, the monastery church and roomsOLD PICTURE: Our Lady of Al-Natour Monastery before the renovation. have been renovated, and icons of saints are painted on the church walls.

The monastery is managed by Sister Catherine (Al-Ukht Catherine) who works hard to keep the place organized and beautiful and to raise funds for the monastery development and maintenance.

People from many areas in Lebanon,  Syria, and other countries often visit Our Lady of Al-Natour monastery. They mostly visit it on August 15th of every year to celebrate Virgin Mary's Day (Eid Al-Saydeh).

The new trees and benches. You can see the salt bags too. There are salt marshes next to the monastery. Mailing List

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