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An aerial photo of Anfeh. This photo was displayed in a photography exhibit at Beirut Center in July 2002.

Anfeh is an attractive town on the coast of Qaza Al-Koura (district of Al-Koura) in North Lebanon. It is located 65 Kilometers north of Beirut and 15 Kilometers south of Tripoli. Its total area is 49An aerial photo of Anfeh37721 m2, and its population is 7250 as of year 2000. 

It is a heterogeneous town. Its inhabitants come from various backgrounds and families, have different education levels, and adopt  different beliefs, and they all share happy moments as well as sad ones. They also keep the traditions the town and the area have known for so many years!

Every summer, many festivals take place in Anfeh. Saint John's Week (Eid Mar-Youhanna) [Saint John Monastery] on the first week of July, Virgin Mary's Day (Eid Al-Saydeh) [Our Lady of the Wind Church, Our Lady of Al-Natour Monastery] on the 15th of August, and Saint Simon's Day (Eid Mar-Semaan) [Saints Simon and Michael Church] on the 1st of September are very popular events. 

Anfeh harbors many interesting places like historical ruins, wonderful shore, churches, and beautiful landscapes.Another aerial photo of Anfeh

Green landscapes of olive, almond, and grape trees give the town a beautiful nature and a rich resource for its people. Olives, olive oil, and grapes are very popular products in Anfeh.

Being on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Anfeh is a good place for swimming, sailing, and fishing. Fishing, by itself, is an art in Anfeh!

Around 415 inhabitants practice fishing on a regular basis. The 80 full-time fishermen own their boats and maintain them. Fishing is the livelihood and only source of income for many families in Anfeh. Fishing boats have sought shelter in the natural harbor of Nhayreh [Nhayreh Fishing Port] in bad weather conditions. It is now equipped with quays and supplied with electricity. Anfeh and the neighborhood towns and cities on the map.

The large terraces on Anfeh's rocky coast shelter underwater species feeding on the seaweed and attract large numbers of fish. That place also attracts many anglers willing to fill their baskets with different types of fish!

Along the length of the bay, the salt marshes add a typically pretty note to the landscape, especially in places with the traditional wind wheel which pumps seawater. The production of sea salt [Salt Marshes] is a staple of the local economy. "White gold", as it is called, salt provides an unlimited natural resource which can thus be obtained without endangering the environment.

Lying between the natural harbor of Nhayreh and the archeological peninsula [The Citadel of Anfeh], the Anfeh creek consists of an attractive rocky shore shaped as a perfect semi-circle at whose bottom lie many sandy underwater caves. It has become a haven for walkers and swimmers who are drawn to its well-preserved view and always clear water.

If you are willing to do a little walking and investigating, enjoy a beautiful marine nature, meet with nice people, and eat delicious food, make sure you visit Anfeh!

The following are more aerial photos of Anfeh: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5. If you are from Anfeh, you may be able to see you house in one of the photos. Click Here to see more aerial photos of Anfeh in the "Places from the Air" section.

The picture in Photo 1 was taken by Mr. George Mikhael Sassine. The pictures in Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, and Photo 5 were taken by Mr. Fawaz Foz in the fall of 2004. Mailing List

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